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JinioPH / JINIO by Xend: 2018 Review

Hi! I'm back with another review. If you haven't read my other posts about Jinio by Xend, please do so by clicking¬†first review here and the second review here. As I have already done 2 reviews about them, I won't write the other stuff in detail as there seems to have been no big changes… Continue reading JinioPH / JINIO by Xend: 2018 Review


Jinio PH: Take 2 Review

Hiiiiii! I wrote about Jinio last time here and I was actually satisfied with their service. This time I planned to buy some more stuff but from Walmart (and Amazon) and I wanted to try MSB (My Shopping Box) with this transaction. However, I wasn't sure if all the items  will be shipped together in… Continue reading Jinio PH: Take 2 Review

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Jinio or JinioPH: A Review

UPDATE: Here's a newer one if you're interested I wanted to buy a Ben Nye translucent powder but due to LBC Shipping cart's price increase and "improvements" I thought it would be too expensive (roughly about $16 -$21 by air cargo). I stumbled upon Jinio¬†in a forum while I was looking for other US to… Continue reading Jinio or JinioPH: A Review