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Gearbest (My experience + Shipping to the PH +Xiaomi earphones)

Hiiiiiii First things first: please everything thoroughly. Click on the posts/articles I linked in this entry, read Gearbest's FAQ's and do know that I am NOT, in any way, affiliated with the Bureau of Customs, Philpost nor the Philippine government. Affiliate links may present in this post. Finally, questions/concerns about your order (e.g. when will… Continue reading Gearbest (My experience + Shipping to the PH +Xiaomi earphones)



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Fascinating Finds Friday: Monomola, Menow and Daiso

This is a random one LOL. I've been going around our downtown area a lot lately and I've got some things I found online that I didn't expect I would find in actual stores.I also found some really interesting stuff. Ones that you might not need daily but might come in handy in some cases.… Continue reading Fascinating Finds Friday: Monomola, Menow and Daiso

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Part 4 here The pier was very easy to find. Hiring motorcycles in Dumaguete is also very easy. We paid Php 8 each from Gabby's to the port. There we booked a ticket for Siquijor which cost us just Php 125 each. It was a one hour ride via fast craft (ferry).  We took the… Continue reading SIQUIJOR | Part 5

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After Canlaon, we originally planned to go to Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB), Negros' Little Baguio. We woke up early to Catch the first trip there but when we saw a bus bound for Dumaguete we quickly--very quickly, changed our minds and decided to visit the city of gentle people instead. Our main reason for going… Continue reading DUMAGUETE CITY | Part 4

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Part 2 here After getting some snacks in Calea in Bacolod (It was hella cheap but sooooo good!), we went to the Ceres Terminal where buses bound for Canlaon and Dumaguete were. We took a taxi so I am not sure how to get there on public transport. Just remember to mention that you are… Continue reading CANLAON CITY | Part 3

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Part 1 (Guimaras to Pulupandan) here if you are interested. Our actual main destination was Canlaon City but we decided to explore the cities and places we passed by. We set our eyes on Bago city which was between Pulupandan and Bacolod. As we had done no research beforehand, we had no idea where to… Continue reading BAGO CITY AND KIPOT FALLS | Part 2

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This is long overdue. I went on this trip last year and I found it hard to write about traveling as I usually don't pay attention to the details of the journey. Prices here might also be different but I'll still write it down to give you a picture of how much you might spend.… Continue reading GUIMARAS WINDMILLS & GUIMARAS-PULUPANDAN FERRY


Why I am voting a person who is last in the surveys

"Kanugon" I really hate that word right now. I will be voting for a woman who is above her competitors in all aspects. I will be voting for a woman who has served this country most of her life. I am not voting her because she is gwapa and alam char lang an Ilongga like… Continue reading Why I am voting a person who is last in the surveys

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MAMBUKAL | Negros Occidental Day 3

This post is so late huhuhu Anyway, continuing where we left off... We went to the bus terminal at around 8 am, took a mini bus with the sign Mambukal (pick a comfortable seat, it can get crowded). The journey lasted nearly an hour, there were a few stops in between. We paid Php 50… Continue reading MAMBUKAL | Negros Occidental Day 3