No winter, whatever

  cute winter by sesshylover featuring a genuine leather shoulder bag There isn't winter in the Philippines booo but I've put together this outfit in case I'll travel to somewhere colder. Much colder lol. Green coat I've been wanting a coat like this. Not as thick as this of course as that might not be… Continue reading No winter, whatever

Friday Series, travel

Feeler Friday: Airport Fashion Edition

I promised myself to post every Friday so here is the first one in this "Friday" series. Sorry for the title, I am not a fashionista so I label myself a feelingera in this sense lol. I've learned that being in your best outfit might not be too comfortable especially if you are flying for a… Continue reading Feeler Friday: Airport Fashion Edition

whimsical wednesday

CASUAL | Whimsical Wednesdays

casual by sesshylover featuring ponte leggings I've been kind of busy travelling last week so I've missed out on 2 Whimsical Wednesdays 🙁 Anyway, I'm travelling to another city, far far away from my hometown this July and it's kind of a cold city (well, much colder than my city anyway). And I've been thinking… Continue reading CASUAL | Whimsical Wednesdays

whimsical wednesday

MAY WISHLIST | Whimsical Wednesday

I love lists. I make a lot of lists.Grocery list, To-do list, To-buy list, Craiglist (kiddin' haven't been on that site) Wanderlist and of course a Wishlist. And of course, I do have a wishlist for this month! Here it is: The North Face shell jacket I feel like I need this when I'll be… Continue reading MAY WISHLIST | Whimsical Wednesday